Final Major project provided an opportunity to demonstrate my skills as a makeup artist and to prove the ability to work at a level 6 standard with a required body of finished work appropriate to the level of Honours degree study. This allowed the application of specialist knowledge to the project, and show the understanding of a complex body of knowledge and practice as a future makeup artist. Major project was an opportunity to express creative ideas, and specialist skills in the area of choice, producing a high standard of professional work further into the industry.

In early stages of the development of Major project, a learning agreement was created, this created guidelines in which to follow to achieve the learning outcomes. Throughout the project, project management was vital. A time plan and budgeting plans were created to organise time and money. (LO2) This Demonstrated of my ability to manage the complexity of practical work and major project by managing your time and work efficiently. This kept the project on track and created a more professional outlook on me as a makeup artist looking to further into the industry. Within this project, it came in under the budget; this was happened through the sensible organisation of mould runs, and practical makeups. Project Management helped with major projecting running effectively, I felt this was made easier as I enjoyed this project and had enthusiasm for the makeup I was producing, it highlighted my techniques and talents as a makeup artist, showcasing the main talents and skills I hold as a makeup artist furthering into my chosen specialist areas in the industry.

Final major project and research entailed was based upon a portrait drawing by Jessica Stewart ‘thoughts and dreams’ and was originally inspired by the adaption of the face through illustration and drawing for example, Leonardo Divincis ‘the grotesques portraits’.

This project showcased the creation of a Beautiful prosthetic. Final Major aimed itself at adapting the face and using prosthetics to manipulate it into a beautiful flower face distortion. My final prosthetic makeup was produced; the piece was set in context of being able to be suitable in a gallery scenario. Producing my final image in context of a gallery scenario scene as well as separate final images, Demonstrated the ability to show representation of techniques, documentation and presentations to specialist and non- specialist audiences.(L03)

Major project demonstrates the ability to apply specialist knowledge, and my understanding and creativity throughout major project. (LO1)  Prosthetic is the chosen specialist area and field I plan on furthering. This is my strongest skill set within the makeup industry. This project was aimed to showcase my strongest skill sets, I have a learnt a lot of techniques over my 3 years of study that I applied throughout this project, which in turn created a better piece of work. I wanted to keep my ideas and makeup achievable, and realistic but challenge myself as a makeup artist. I wanted to produce a piece that had quality not quantity, I focused very much so on the sculpting as this is a particular part of makeup artistry where my strengths lie and wanted to get this through in this project, so that it could be used to highlight my strengths to industry professional when moving into the industry. The aim behind the prosthetic was to produce a delicate and detailed sculpt, and a further makeup. The piece showcased prosthetics as something other than a monster making industry, create something beautiful.

Within this project there was a number collaboration, firstly with a commercial photographer who captured the images as well as helping organising the design of the shoot. I worked along side an illustrator for the designing my imagery for the prosthetic makeup and using an actor as a model strengthen the over all makeup with the experience they bring from modelling previously, creating a more professional shoot. Collaborating strengthened the project and the quality of work produced, giving a better makeup application. These collaborations gave my visions more inspiration and furthered ideas from various different artist and creators. Within this project we had a number of obstacles to overcome while shooting and designing, the consideration of a models eyes being covered for the duration of a makeup. As throughout the makeup application and shoot the model was blind, this meant working with an actor and a photographer that where comfortable in doing this and where able to adapt them to the situation. Throughout the collaboration with other artists, I proved myself as a professional practitioner, by showcasing appropriate awareness of the ethical, social and cultural issues as I worked independently using initiative or as part of a collaborative team (L04)

I presented this project within a blog format, showcasing my techniques and work throughout the project, highlighting specialist knowledge and understanding of research relating to major project. Instead of a design book as initially proposed, designs where in line with the research on the blog, containing drawn and digital photo-shopped imagery, as this worked better throughout the investigation and working in line with significant research. As well as producing a critical report showing annotation and critique of ones work, and final imagery, and further images in context.

In conclusion, this was a very successful project, that taught me a lot about my specialist skills and qualities as a makeup artist. Within this project all the learning outcomes where met showing a clear understanding of project guidelines. as well as further and sharpening any techniques and professional skills that can be further into the professional industry of specialist practice. I feel that within this project I have worked upon developing my specialist skills as well as professional qualities. This project has highlighted my strengths and helped in perusing my career as a makeup artist.


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