Final Makeup application


For my Final makeup, i was doing it on sunday the 19th april, i had to work around my model, as she is an actor, she is currently in the production “blue stocking” this meant she could only do the makeup shoot, on a sunday or evening. This wasn’t an issue, it just meant having no studio to do the makeup in. I had to do my makeup application at home, although this was great experience on working in different environment, as in location shoots you will be working in small areas, cramped and little lighting, it gave me the experience, and the ability to work with what i have got. I allowed for 3 hours for my makeup application, i thought this as a reasonable time, especially with styling the hair also. generously my friend offered to take photos throughout the application so i would have evidence of how i done it, and how it went throughout.

I set up my station in front of a large mirror, so i was constantly checking out my application, seeing how it looked, as well this helped when making the hair look symmetrical. This time i decided to heated roll the hair, this would give it more volume, and help when creating barrel curls and pin curls in the hair. This is a really effective way to gain bounce and volume i needed,

i prepped my model skin before we began, as i wanted the makeup to run smoothly,  using moisturiser and primer, this helps by giving a great base to work with.

IMG_6333  IMG_6335 IMG_6334With this makeup application, i used the same applying techniques as my practice run, as they worked well, and got me the effects i wanted. Using Aqua Fix to apply the prosthetic, although i used this in my trail run, this time i wasn’t as impressed with the effect it had, i think this time there was a lot more movement within the shooting, this meant i had to fix and reapply glue numerous times, This is a learning curve, i often use aqua fix but for smaller pieces, maybe for heavier pieces like this, i needed a stronger glue, this didnt effect the overall makeup, as it was a problem that was easily fixed. I Used airbrush colours to colour the base of the face and neck, as i feel it worked really well in giving a flawless look, i then used this again on the prosthetic, as with the two trails i done with colouring techniques, this was the better, and give me the image and effect i wanted, i feel colouring is very important factor in prosthetics, as it brings the prosthetic to life, and gives it the definition of what it is. As u can see in the comparison of images of before the prosthetic is coloured and after.

IMG_6342 IMG_6338 IMG_6337                   IMG_6345 IMG_6343IMG_6356IMG_6362IMG_6355IMG_6361IMG_6359IMG_6363IMG_6368i

After airbrushing the 004 skin colour base all over, i airbrushed it in a a planned order, starting with the left side and airbrushing down, so that no access colour fell, and if it did it was easily fixed, then moved onto the right side, these where separate flowers so it was best to colour them separately, first using the airbrush and then adding fine detail with a brush. I went with the pastel theme, as when looking back and which looked better from trails of colour, the bolder colours was too much for the image i want. This meant i already had the colours picked i wanted and went with them from the pervious trail, pastel pink, green and yellow, with purple tint. When applying this i was really happy with the edging, the piece i had was really a great piece, so that helped when blending. This piece was coming together nicely, and i was really happy with the effect it was giving so far. Once this was fully applied and coloured, i could move on and style the hair, i always find the hair the hardest to re style after creating a hairstyle you like, i worked hairstyles and images i had previous researched, my trail and my design. Again i wanted the hair to be big, with volume and represent a summery flower, not in the shape of a flower but just have the essence of it.

IMG_6371 IMG_6373 IMG_6374 IMG_6375 IMG_6378 IMG_6379 IMG_6382 IMG_6386 IMG_6385 IMG_6383 IMG_6387 IMG_6388

i found that the heated rollers really helped in the styling of the hair, it went up a lot easier, and it meant less back combing of the hair, i started with the front of the hair as a basis for the hair sculpting. and worked backwards pulling the hair forward giving a large sculpt to the from of the hair and around the prosthetic piece. In my practice the hair was very un neat and i wanted to make sure and spend time making this neat and look as slick as i could, because all these factors effect the final makeup. Once the hair was done i had two hair designs, one with flowers one without, i took the time to see how both would look, i decided against them as i felt it didnt bring anything to the makeup, and if anything it would take away from the face piece and hair sculpt.


there was a few tiny details that needed to be added once the makeup was nearly complete, i added a stigma into the Lilly prosthetic, this brought the flower to life, and look more realistic. as well as re airbrushing over to make sure of a great coverage on colour bones and face. This makeup was being photographed from various angles, so it needed to be and all round perfect makeup.


I was really delighted and happy with the final outcome of my makeup, it all came together nicely to create, what i think is a beautiful prosthetic, i feel that this was a really original idea, and i haven’t seen it done very much before, this is why i choose to do this, within this makeup u can really see the detail of the sculpt. I found in this makeup i really found my nesh, as i really enjoyed doing this and hard on it, and seeing my final makeup back i am very happy with it, there are a number of things i would change if i had the chance to go back and fix them,like every makeup artist would, critical of there own work. i would darken some areas so that the definition of the sculpt could be really seen, as well as using a different glue, for example pros-aide, but again as i am still at university this is the time to make learn these things and improve. As my final makeup at AUB i am happy, i think it really shows of my skills as a makeup and hair artist, showing special effects and sculpting is a strong skill as well as hair sculpting and airbrushing.

these photos are the images i took on my phone, to keep a record of how the makeup was done, and photographic evidence. but i also ask the photographer for a series of her unedited images, as they are better quality and show the full makeup better.


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