My sculpt is based upon the illustration above, i fell in love with this piece instantly, as detailed before, i think it is a piece which really demonstrates the beauty of flowers and the body together, when i seen this i was instantly inspired to do a makeup in relation. From research i have seen various ways of combining makeup/ flowers and the face, as well as various photoshopped images and drawings but never have i seen the combination of prosthetics with the idea of the flowered face, a beautiful prosthetic. I Wanted to do this as it has never been done before and that can lead to an interesting final piece. My work is very much based upon this image as it gave me great inspiration. From this image i have created a number of designs to work from. I am aware that when i sculpt i can follow a piece, but then i start to see fault, i will be working from a mixture of the designs and changing them as i work. I don’t want my piece to look exactly like this but i want it to resemble it as its where i gathered my original inspiration. This image gives me great lee way to design a really cool but beautiful piece within prosthetics.

Before i started designing, i researched the various flowers ect, i wanted within the piece, to make this piece look realistic. This helped when creating the sizing, shape and textures. This is also shown in my previous research.

peony1 BRU_2010peony-arrangement5

I was really egger to start sculpting, its very much my favourite part of makeup and making prosthetics. I feel that when someone sculpts they have there own individual way, and techniques which showcase there skills, this is very much how i sculpt, i have my own unique way and like to show this within my work. As i had a few designs when doing this, i wanted to try a few things out. i have attached photos throughout this sculpt so that you as readers can follow how i came to my final sculpt and how it changed over time.



before i started i covered the areas in which i the base of my sculpt would be, flattening a surface to build upon. this piece was going to be complicated i needed a area to build upon swell as to sculpt into. After i had done this i started off with the biggest shape of the sculpt, that was to be the Lilly, i started to get the shape of it laid out, then started adding other flowers and shapes around it, creating a basic shape for me to sculpt upon. with the rest of the sculpt i wanted to create quite soft flowers, i like peonies, they are soft and summery.  this was going to be a more constant flower on the piece.


As time passed i spend a lot of time going into the detail of the flowers and sculpt. I took a lot of photos of the sculpt as i found this is the best way to analyse work. looking at the pieces from a different perspective.  I created stems on the lilly and over the face, once i looked at this again i realised that i could create these pieces separately and they would look more effective. I took these away, as am currently making them as flat pieces.


As the piece evolved i was a lot happier with it, it was coming together lovely. I thought this piece looked really beautiful and detailed and was portraying the right image. A lot of work was in the detail as it was a very delicate and intricate piece.



Once i was happy with the piece, and the detailed i applied, i again took more photos of it to show the progress from beginning to the end, as its very hard to put into words the work and detail done, images show this progression. I am really delighted with this sculpt, it to date is one of my favourite, i think the idea of the beautiful prosthetic makes it a lot more interesting, It is a very delicate but beautiful piece.

IMG_5537 IMG_5539

Referencing – file:///Desktop/pink-peony-bridal-bouquet.original.jpg


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