Variation of Lilies

i thought because i decided upon sculpting a lilly on the face sculpt, i would look into different types of lilies and they vary, colour, size, and texture.

‘Push Off’ is something distinctive, with its short stature and its wide wash of shiny plum-black covering all but the white tips of its upfacing flowers. It averages about 2 feet tall, but its eye-catching flowers are full sized and simply amazing! Blooms in June.
2 ft, June.

‘Richmond’ is a successor to ‘Bright Diamond,’ with amazingly large upfacing flowers of brilliant pure white, carried on a perfect inflorescence borne on tall, strong stems that need no support if grown in full sun. A real standout in our test fields!

‘Tibetan Snow’ ‘’ is white “all over,” since it bears no pollen. Its pendant, swirling white flowers remind us of drifting snowflakes, and it has proven itself a great garden lily for many years!

‘Brushstroke’  is one of the most vigorous and reliable lilies ever grown, gracing gardens for over 30 years! Tall stems bear large upfacing white flowers elegant plum brushmarks; the flowers shade into cream in cool weather.

‘White Butterflies’  is is beloved for its species-like pendant white flowers as well as its drought and heat tolerance. Its nodding flowers resemble delicate butterflies poised for flight, coming early in the season and remaining in flower for up to a month! In cooler weather, the flowers will show a flush of palest pink, just as beautiful from the back as they are in “face view.” 3 to 4 feet, always the first to bloom in our fields in early June.

‘Big Bang’  has an explosion of intense, velvety “stardust” swirls across each wide-petalled, outfacing flower. Each creamy flower varies slightly, and cooler weather or shade bring a delicate wash of pink and cream to the petal tips. Robust and spectacular!


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