Jessica Stewart

Jessica Stewart work stood out to me straight away, and i knew it was going to be the base for my design. Jessica Stewart is an artist working out of Melbourne, Australia. As stated in her bio she likes to “draw portraits of dreamers and lovers. Using pencil, paint and pastel she draws ships, homes, animals among all other sorts of symbolic objects to represent a bond, a freedom or maybe an escape from their current situation.” Growing up near the coast is a strong influence in her work and can be seen with the nautical elements many of the drawings have. Her drawings have a very painterly effect to them, and are very effective at pulling you in to the world she has created.\


images-2 images-3 images tumblr_llr65uJvUL1qz9v0to1_500

I would love to see these in person as I know some of the details are lost when photographed.This gave me the idea to recreate one of her beautiful portraits as a makeup, i wanted to take one of her images and redesign it and create it as a prosthetic makeup. As these images are really beautiful, i wanted to reflect this in my makeup. I have never really seen a ‘beautiful’ prosthetic, prosthetics usually are Monsters/ Special effect Ect.. I wanted to change this and create something original and out of the box. I wanted to use my skills and create something i really love.  The below image is my favourite of her drawings i love the elegance and beauty of the image, involving the flowers, i am going to use this image as a base for my designs and my final makeup. The detail and beautiful shapes in this image has really given me inspiration, this will be a challenging project of skills but its where my strengths lie and i think if i can do it, it will look beautiful.



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