Creating Flat pieces


When creating a Flatpiece, i wanted this to be able to fit as accurately as possible to the chest as it could, this would save me time in fibreglassing, and be cheaper, becoming more cost and time effective. I took a template of the chest/shoulder areas in which i wanted to sculpt upon. This Give me a basic template in which i could work with. I placed this onto a wooden board and outlined the area in which i needed. I then began to sculpt, This piece i wanted to resemble the flowers that where highlighted in the face sculpt. I worked from images of flowers, especially Peonies. They are beautiful and delicate flowers which resemble the  coral reef flowers. With Creating this flat piece i had to be careful with small details and holes as they could trap air bubbles. Once i and created my flat piece, i created a large wall around the piece, and began to run silicone into this.

I Used a balanced combination of Platsil 10 A&B to create this mould. i dropped this from a height. sp that the air didnt get trapped in any unseen areas, Or create airbubles within the silicone. Once left to set, after 14 minutes, i was able to run my first piece. I wanted my pieces to have edges that could blend away, so i used silicone to make these, For my test piece, i used Platsil Gel 10 with no softener to keep cost down on products, as we’ll as coating the mould in super baldiz before running. Once set, i coated the piece in a last layer of baliz to incapsulate the piece.IMG_5693 IMG_5694

After i got my first piece, i was really happy with the outcome. The only thing i would critique was that it was too hard, but this was intentionally for experimental, so this didn’t matter. Next time i am going to experiment with different destinies and the amount of deadener needed! This will be key when creating the full piece and making it look realistic. This could be done in smaller scales so that there is no product waste.

Colouring Flatpieces…

IMG_5696IMG_5697 IMG_5698 IMG_5699

I wasn’t sure what way was the best to colour my flat pieces, i began with experimenting with illustrator palette, Not only was there the decision of what to colour this with, but what colour palette to use. There is lots of variety of flower colour in these types of flowers, but i felt like picking the right one was important in getting the makeup right. I decided upon working with pink tones, i wanted to see different types of shading and colours with pink, i looked into different colour wheels before i began to colour the piece.


IMG_5700 IMG_5702 IMG_5709

One i had finished, i didnt apply them due to lack of time, but i sat them against the skin to see how they looked. Using the skin illustrator was effective, with great coverage and colour, but i found that when it dried it began to crack and peel away from the silicone. This wouldn’t work for a long days shooting, as a makeup it wouldn’t be sustainable all day.  The colours i used where beautiful but i thought they were very dark against the skin, giving a more harsh effect. This showed me that the colours i needed where to be a lot paler, and similar to the light tone of the models skin. From this i thought about pastel colours, the give off a more warm, subtle, summer feel, perfect for my final makeup.



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