Updated Proposal


This project is based upon the representation of faces in portraits, illustrations and fashion. The inspiration comes from the examples, The Grotesque heads by Leonardo, and Giuseppe Acrimboldo’s portraits. The concept of this project is to demonstrate illustration/ images as professional annotated designs and makeups.

The aim of the project is to re-create and design the representation of faces with inspiration from these portraits, researching into various illustrators, artists that base their work of fashion and faces.

The makeup will be used to a piece of artwork that will be suitable to be displayed in a gallery, for example the Tatemodern. It is aimed to demonstrate skills and techniques to contemporary artists, and industry professionals. (L03)

I want this piece to highlight and strengthen my skills that lead towards my future career path, Allowing for the demonstration of professional skills as a makeup artist, Combining my best techniques, and methods used in the industry of my professional interest. (LO1)

This project will show a range of skills from sculpting, applying and painting. It will consist of a variety of techniques and materials including sculpting, mould making, fibre glassing, silicone and the possibility of knotting.

For this project I have set a budget of £300, used to cover the cost of materials used within the project as well as any extra expenses. A schedule will be set for this project, helping me to keep a close track of time and to manage myself through practical workshops. It will help to develop the skills needed to create a professional makeup and successful collaborative photo shoot (LO2)

A health and safety checklist will be created, before practical, and final shoot, this will ensure the models and other artists safety. It will show the patch test documented to ensure there are no medical conditions that could be affected by the makeup applications.

This project will collaborate with photographer/ illustrators and various other artists to come up with a unique makeup piece.

Reasoning behind Changing my proposal..

Changing my final product from a fashion piece, to a piece of art will change the impact and outcome of this project dramatically for the better, with great thought and research i have realised that it will look more effective, and the makeup can be bitterly displayed at a piece of art work. This will be able to highlight all the key points of the makeup rather than viewing it more from a fashion angle. I think this will benefit and showcase my prosthetic and sculpting skills.


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