The Grotesque portraits

The Grostesque images are my original inspiration for this project. Leonardo Divici drew this images of the distorted faces, For my final project i wanted to take my makeup skills to a different level and resort back to where makeup started, the face. i like the idea of taking the face and being able to change it and use makeup to make it something unique and original, like the grotesque faces. The Grotesque images are a set of drawn portraits, this has given me the idea to take a image/portrait/ illustration and base a makeup upon it, i wanted to create a makeup which is in context and portraying the face. I think the grotesque images are a good start and base for my project, but i have done alot of ‘Dark’ and ‘ugly’ Makeups, this time i wanted to look at using a more beautiful aspect of changing up the face. i want to research into different ways and illustrations i can base my makeup upon and work from.

Unknown-1iki Erkegin Grotesk Portre Etudleri, 1487-1490

The images below is one of Leonardo divici, although its not particularly grotesque, its of a elegant and beautiful woman. This has shown me i can find images in which i can work and design from.

images-2 a85e107d918846fe199cc1c71c043bfb


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