Pat Perry


Pat Perry is quite i unique artist, from  Michigan, focused on creating pictures, words, and visual media through careful and cautious observation. He currently works itinerantly, and is an active member of the Beehive Design Collective. His work is very inspiring towards my own work and creations.

We must remain “unadapted.”His illustrations and drawing very much focus around the body and the face,  He takes the body and face and manipulates them with objects to obscure the image. I think his work is amazing, and very interesting. These images are almost seen as a distortion. Alike the Leonardos grotesque portraits they are a distortion of the human, only Perrys images are a lot more modern. In my proposal i suggested doing a recreation of the face, i really like this idea, of taken the face and modifying it, creating a piece of art. His images are all in black and white, i really like this concept, but would like to research more looking into images with colour, more vibrant. I think the idea behind black and white is very beautiful and detailed.


This is one of my favourite images of Perrys’, Its beautifully designed, with a modern twist, taking in the sea side image. This makes me think about how and what i want to incorporate into my head piece. Although this is a drawing i really like the textures and angle of this image. It is a lot of inspiration towards the route i want to take.

Refrencing -


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