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As i am working from illustration ideas, and want to recreate a beautiful illustration, i wanted to research into more artists that work within illustration and fine art, that associate there work with the face and body. Taking an image and recreating it as a makeup takes inspiration and creativity to be able to put your own stamp on it.

I started researching various artist that related to the grotesque, i was quite interested to see what i found, there was a lot of beautiful painting that, although associated with the grotesque where beautiful pieces of art.


These are a Series of Christian Rex van Minnen’s grotesque portraits, They are spectacular. They are almost  “portraits of aristocrats from another dimension.” I love the crammed-together, rammed-together higgeldy piggeldy of insectoid body parts, high fashion, and toons. He’s got a show on at Denver’s Robischon Gallery.

christian rex van minnen 1[11]



Neo-grotesque master Christian Rex van Minnen seems to be amid a highly prolific period. Following up several group shows and a solo show at Copro Gallery last fall, he will debut his solo show, “Welsh Rats,” at Robischon Gallery in Denver on March 14.

These Images are from his new series, van Minnen seems to push the boundaries of his aesthetic visually and psychologically. The disfigured portraits become more rooted in the present day as tattoos and haircuts suggest a sense of horrifying realism. I really like the idea of the mixture of facial features, distortion and tattoos combined.

Even Vanitas still lifes are not safe when touched by van Minnen. He presents a series of floral bouquets that one must look at with squinted eyes for fear of unexpectedly discovering some amorphous, fleshy lump or bulbous pile of bile among the candy-colored floral ornaments.

I really like the concept of the mixture of flowers added into his paintings. Flowers represent something very delicate and beautiful but mixed with his, it almost looks disturbing, but works perfectly as a piece of art work.

Christian-Rex-van-Minnen_15 Christian-Rex-van-Minnen_17 

I really like his paintings, they are very unique and modern, they have changed my perspective completely on how i want my final makeup to look and be displayed. I Really like the modern twist he puts on his images, they are grotesque but beautiful at the same time, its an interoperation of the body and face is a different light. I want to follow his idea of how his images are portrayed, i first said in my proposal that i wanted to create a fashion editorial piece, but looking at his work it has really inspired me to work away from this idea, i find that a lot of dealing with makeup and researching ideas, your concept can change and ideas vary throughout, For my final makeup i want to shoot this piece to become a piece of art work that can be placed into a gallery, make it as a beautiful piece of abstract art to be desired. I think that changing my final outcome is for the better.

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